Dive with Us

We schedule regular Sunday dives throughout the year which are, of course, governed by the weather.  In addition we arrange a number of weekends away for extra diving, snorkelling and socialising opportunities.

We promote safe diving and safe boating first and foremost and encourage all our members – divers, snorkellers and social members to act safely and have fun!

Safety includes your physical fitness, equipment and preparation, boating safety and good dive planning.

We are diving COVID Safe.  Three of our Committee members have recently conduced the COVID Marshall training.  A copy of our COVID policy is available here.

Club members can also call on the buddy line to find someone to dive with.  For information about the buddy line, leave a comment on this page and someone will get back to you.

We welcome new members – experienced and new divers alike.  Our membership also includes non-diving partners and families of diving members.

Membership rates are outlined on the CWDC Membership Form.

You can post it to us at PO Box 653 Port Adelaide SA 5015, or bring it along to the next club meeting with your payment of annual fees.

For information about South Australian Dive Sites click here.

If you’d like to suggest a dive site, you can comment at the bottom of this page and the committee will consider it for inclusion in our dive calendar.


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