Boating Safety

The club encourages safe diving and safe boating first and foremost.

To ensure boating safety:

  • The boat owner should conduct a Boat Orientation before leaving the marina or boat ramp.
  • Ensure a responsible person who holds a Boat Licence and who knows how to start and manoeuvre the boat remains on board throughout the dive.
  • Deploy a Shot Line from the stern of the boat to the bottom. Divers should consider the effects of tidal movements and wind direction when deploying the shot line to ensure that divers can surface safely. Its location relative to the anchor line also needs to be considered.  The Shot should be clearly marked at 10m, 5m and 3m marks.
  • Ensure there is a First Aid kit on-board. Kits suitable for this purpose can be obtained from St John Ambulance.  The contents of this kit should be sufficient to cater for the injuries that may occur and the number of divers aboard.
  • At least one boat must have the oxygen administration equipment on board along with a person trained in its use.

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