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CPR & Oxygen Refresher

The club’s CPR and oxygen refresher session facilitated by SA Ambulance Paramedic, Steven “Simmo” Simmons, was held during our June general meeting at Seven22. It was a very informative and enjoyable way to refresh our knowledge of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (as a few recommendations have changed over the years) as well as re-familiarize ourselves with our DAN O2 equipment. Approximately 10 people attended the event.

Simmo took us through the theory of resuscitation and DR ABCD, the do’s and do not’s, and showed us a light-hearted video that nevertheless had a strong message. He also demonstrated the use of a defibrillator machine, a very important piece of safety equipment. Lastly, he organised a quiz for us to test our knowledge and make sure we were listening and paying attention (great quiz app he introduced us to – called Kahoots!). Being a competitive bunch, with the quiz scored by accuracy and speed, Sharon came first, followed closely by Helena and myself, all of whom won a chocolate bar.

The session highlighted the need to practice assembling safety equipment on a regular basis, as many of us had not done so for some time and it was easy to see that we were taking a long time; time which would be precious in an emergency situation. It was agreed that we needed to practice more regularly. Hence, we will organise another practice session on the next dive weekend away (i.e. Pt Victoria, January 2019). The session also highlighted reviewing our safety equipment. Helena has purchased 4 new non-rebreather masks for the oxygen equipment, thanks to that night.

A very big thank you to Simmo for all his hard work in developing the session and quiz for us as well as bringing his safety gear – it was very appreciated.