Dive Calendar

May 2022

Sunday 22nd May          Rapid Bay & Second Valley boat dives (Lead: Sonya)

Sunday 29th May           Buddy Line

June & July 2022

Sunday 26th June           Glenelg Dredge boat dive (Lead:  Tim)

Sunday 17th July             Rapid Bay or Second Valley shore dive (Lead:  Helena)

Sunday 31st July             Port Hughes jetty dive (Lead:  Helena)

Copy of the buddy line is available by contacting us via the Contact Us Page.

Weekends Away

Exploring options for trip to Kangaroo Island for October long weekend – further info to be provided

If you are interested in joining us on any dives, please book on no later than the Tuesday evening preceding the dive. Bookings can be made via the Contact Us Page.

South Australia Dive Sites Viz & Conditions

Have you joined the SA Dive Sites Viz & Conditions Facebook group, which is owned and managed by the Scuba Divers Federation of SA.  If not, check it out, as it is a very useful site giving you up to date conditions at dive locations. Link follows: SA Dive Sites Viz & Conditions 


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