Recent Dives

October long weekend 2019 at Edithburgh

October long weekend this year we were back at Edithburgh staying at the Kingfisher lodge. We have stayed here before and know that it was good accommodation & close to all town facilities.

The weather looked good but slightly overcast for Saturday and we had planned to go diving around to the Troubridge area. Tim and I were up early so we went for a drive to Troubridge lighthouse to check out our potential dive site. Conditions were a little rough but dive-able. The weather forecast had been for the seas and wind to reduce as the day went on, but we all know that this sometimes is not correct.

So, after collecting the boat and divers we headed out to dive the “Fenceline”, so called as the farmers fence comes to the edge of the cliff where we dive. Surprisingly I was the only one in a dry suit and it soon became apparent that this was the right choice.  The weather was good, no current, the mermaid line was just floating of the back of the boat and there was a light south easterly breeze. We slowly descended the anchor line to about 15m where we were greeted by a Port Jackson shark right at the anchor. From here it was a short swim to the wall we had come to dive. This area is known for its abundance of fish life which move along the Gorgonia covered walls. This is only broken up by the numerous colourful sponges that cover every spare rock face, and it didn’t disappoint. We were too early for crayfish season which probably didn’t matter as the couple we saw were very small. We slowly moved along the wall allowing our torches to highlight the multi coloured Gorgonia corals all the while being kept company by schools of beautiful fish, including Old Wives, Silver Drummer, Bream, Grouper, huge Parrot Fish, Strongies, Snook, Blue Devils, Bulleyes and many more. We progressed along through the rocky swim throughs until it started to get a bit shallow. By now it was time to turn around and with still no current noticeable ,made for a picturesque and easy swim back along the wall. It wasn’t long before we came to my favourite spot which we had missed on the way, this area is a chasm not much more that a metre wide but totally covered in beautiful corals and sponges on both sides. After performing a safety stop, we surfaced only a short distance from the boat having a dive time of approximately 45 min. The weather had changed, unusually for the better, the sea had calmed off completely while we were diving and the longer we stayed the better it became, for once the weather report was correct.

Images from the “Fenceline”

Saturday night we met at the Location Café for dinner and caught up with some Edithburgh friends, Pete & Ronnie.  Then back to the Lodge for a couple more drinks and discussions on how we were going to fix the world’s problems.

Sunday morning we awoke to overcast and windy conditions. It was hard to believe that we were in the same location as yesterday, the conditions had changed so much, whereas yesterday we had flat calm seas, today the ocean was looking very rough. We found ways to amuse ourselves, with bike rides and a few purchases around the area to support the local businesses. The afternoon was spent relaxing, reading books and preparing meals for the Asian night.

Sunday night we were invited to Ronnie & Pete’s house for an Asian night. Everyone brought along something sumptuous, and  as usual we had a lovely time with lots of laughs, great food and excellent company.

Monday morning we packed up and started to head home. Although we only got one day of good diving in, it was still worth it as it is not all that often you can get around to the Fenceline in such calm conditions.

As usual these weekends cannot happen without considerable effort from people, special thanks to our boaties, Tim & Sonya, to Sharon for organising the weekend to Ronnie & Pete for organising a dinner at the Café and the Asian diner and to all those who came along and had fun.

By David Boyle
CWDC Club Member

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